Trump Claimed He Works ‘More Hours’ Than Past Presidents During “Executive Time” and Twitter’s Response Was What You’d Expect

Here’s a tough question for you all to try and answer:

Is Donald Trump dumber than he is narcissistic, or is he more narcissistic than he is dumb?

We know he’s racist — he thinks every Mexican he meets is a potential drug dealing, serially raping murder, and was literally sued by the federal government in the 1970’s for not renting apartments to black people. That’s not even getting into his full-age ad demanding five innocent black men be put to death just so white people can feel safer, I guess. To deny that Donald Trump is racist is to deny the wetness of water. Donald Trump is, 100% for sure, a racist old bastard.

He’s also dumb though. Like, super-duper-dumb. Donald Trump is so dumb Sarah Palin nudges Tomi Lahren and goes, “Get a load of that big, dumb stupid fuck over there!” What’s that you say? I’m just a libtarded comedian? I’m biased? There’s no way Donald Trump is dumb, you say?

Yeah. You’re right. This picture shows a stable genius in his natural habitat, for sure.

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Okay, so we’ve established for a fact that Trump is dumb and racist. But my question is — which personality failing does he put most prominently on display? For my money, I think he’s probably dumber than he is racist, or at least he’s more overtly stupid than he is racist, and that’s saying a lot because the fucker jokes about the Trail of Tears, so he’s clearly racist AF.

Still, though, it takes a real truck load of arrogant stupidity to try and make the claim Trump made on Twitter today. Clearly someone on the Sunday morning talk shows was talking about the fact that we got a look at his schedule and that most of it is “Executive Time,” a term we’d all come to understand as his “sitting on the toilet rage tweeting” time. But Trump the MENSA member wants us to think that that not only is is Executive Time working time, but that he works more than any other president.

How stupid is it for Trump to make that claim? Well, for starters, Trump has spent, according to, about $87 million taxpayer dollars on around 156 golf trips since taking office. Tubby McStupid might try to pretend that he’s “working” doing those golf outings, but we all know that foreign leaders aren’t out there every weekend with him. Dude is Rich Guy-ing the presidency if ever anyone did.

This tweet comes just a day after he mocked Liz Warren and the Trail of Tears. So within 24 hours of each other we have two examples of his racism and his stupidity, and I can’t decide which is more illustrative of his existence.

Luckily for all of us, Twitter users were quick to pounce on Trump’s nonsensical defense of his Executive Time, and here are the best snarky responses we could find.

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